Tours with a Musical Theme

We have developed a series of Tour projects on musical themes, which will be run as soon as enough people are available. If you are interested in one or more of these Tours, please use the Contact Form on the Contact Us page to let us know. We are looking forward to hearing from you!

1. The Life and Times of Anton Bruckner

Come and trace Bruckner’s journey from his humble beginnings in Ansfelden to St. Florian, Linz, and then to Vienna – scene of anguish but also of triumph.

2. Visit the Verona Opera Festival

The atmospheric Arena always puts on exciting performances. Use Verona to strike out into the delightful hidden gems of the Veneto area.

3. Visit the Puccini Opera Festival at Torre del Lago

Nearby Lucca and Viareggio also have strong associations with Puccini’s life and times – while Tuscan highlights such as Pisa, and the Medici Villas, are also with easy reach.

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