What We Do

“A trip to Hungary chanced upon a village wine festival, which was a real highlight.”  -  IJ

Our aim is to understand the requirements of our travellers, and to design from scratch a programme which not only meets those needs but also provides room for the unusual. We like to enrich the experience of travellers by ensuring that some interesting and unexpected new discoveries can be made. Our expertise lies in particular in cultural tours on a musical or historic theme and Choir tours (see Tailor-made Programmes).

In the choice of locations, we aim to avoid the obvious. By including wherever we can the delightful byways of countries and cultures, we feel that we can help our guests experience more of the true nature of the people and places visited.

For a tour to Northern Italy, we suggested Bologna as our base. This gives easy access to the major cities and airports – but also to delightful smaller towns such as Ravenna, Mantua, Ferrara and Parma. Bologna is an interesting old city in its own right – with a wide choice of hotels at prices which are much more reasonable than in the main tourist draws. Our guests on this tour therefore had the best of both worlds: experiencing a mixture of must-see and nice-to-see places, from a characterful but reasonably-priced base.

When one choir wanted to travel to Central Europe, we chose to base ourselves in Bratislava (Slovakia). This is right on the cross-roads between Slav, German and Hungarian cultures, and thus gave us easy access to a wealth of aspects reflecting the Austo-Hungarian Imperial past and multi-cultural post-communist present of that area. We sampled fascinating impressions of Slovak history (Nitra), music’s greats (Haydn at Esterhaza/Fertőd, Liszt at Sopron), and Vienna’s great art and architecture – all within one hour’s drive from Bratislava.

For more details see Tailor-made Programmes

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